Change Integration

Communication skills

Communication always seems to be an issue where people are involved. To find ways in improving this, always has an positive effect. Again, research (NASA and others) shows that 80 to 90% of failures or mistakes, point the finger at the level of communication. Question is what will the effect be if we pay attention to improve our communication skills.
I will just mention some of the areas that can make a huge difference:
i.       Radical Transparency (from NeuroLeadership Forum)
ii.      Creating Context Communication (from NASA)
iii.      Listening skills, ability of open dialogue, removal of obstacles
iv.      Take note of the views and principles put forward by the worlds best expert on communication, philosopher Jurgen Habermas.  
v.       Identify the “elephant in the room” (NASA strategy)
vi.      Ability to reflect, the no 1 leadership skill  
vii.     Skills to stimulate thinking
viii.    Discover the power of intention
ix.      Principles of giving and receiving feedback
x.      Conflict to become constructive
xi.      Why do we react differently to different people
xii.     Perceptions (NeuroLeadership: 95% of our perceptions are wrong)  
xiii.    The best Time / Stress / Energy saver.











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