Be a Nelson Movement Funding Options: 2024




Be a Nelson Course: Huguenot University College $650 / 610E / R12,000 PP



  • 3-month course online, once a week
  • 1 week on campus, incl flight, accommodation, meals
  • Working material
  • 3 groups of 20 participants for 2024



Be a Nelson Movement Conference: $275 / 255 Euro / R5,000 PP



Top priority is to bring Nelsons on board to be prepared for all activities. 4-days all expenses paid, including travel, accommodation,meals, etc.



OSUN: Open Society University Network Course: $164 / 153 Euro / R3,000 PP



20 Be a Nelsons to complete this course at global level.



South Africa Walk in Nature: $275 / 255 Euro / R5,000 PP



Sponsor one Be a Nelson to join a global group of social innovators on a 6-day walk in nature focused on personal, leadership development, networking, Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu legacy and Ubuntu culture. March 6-15, 2024



Operational Costs



More detail and more options available on request from StreetBiz Foundation



Nico de Klerk +27 82 566 1484