Change Integration


My business objective is to facilitate change in the corporate environment and how we could make this an opportunity for growth and development. Effective communication and lateral thinking have become two major focus areas in this regard.

It is my intention to equip and empower people on my daily pilgrimage with knowledge, tools, insights, self-understanding and the ever present challenge of facing what we need to see.

To go successfully through change we need to understand our own brain functioning, our perceptions and belief systems. This knowledge will empower us as individuals or teams to go through change as a positive, learning experience, maximising our potential.

We also need to get to grips with our coherence and intuition in relation to change. Coherence meaning the flow of my entire being, paying attention to different aspects of my potential, identifying what needs attention first and what will follow.

We need to set aside time to obtain insights and knowledge that will enable us to bring about changes that will improve our quality of life. We need to master some skills like “detachment” or “mindfulness”, in this process. We need to commit ourselves to learn and to discover with patience.

We have to go through some change!! We don’t like it because we had some nasty experiences in the past or we don’t like the feeling of being out of our comfort zone. May be we are looking forward to it with some excitement! Whatever the case may be, it is not without reason that research done by IPM (International People Management) showed that 80% of all change programmes failed and had to be replaced by another programme. The number 1 reason for this: people! Their attitude, understanding, ownership or resistance.

There must be a way that we can manage this better with a higher success rate! Research done at NASA showed that 80 to 90% of all failures and accidents happened because of the lack of effective communication. So it just makes sense to focus on effective communication as an integral part of change integration.

In my search for more effective ways to address the change integration phenomenon I recently visited the world’s top expert on communication in Germany, Prof Jurgen Habermas. I learned some valuable principles from him.

Then I also got involved with the strategy followed by NASA, focusing on attitude training. They also believe leadership is about creating the context for performance. I would say my methodology is aimed on these key concepts:  communication, attitude and context.

Click on “tools” to see more about the ways and means I use to facilitate change integration, enhancing our innovative abilities, take the risk out of change and with this ensuring the embedding of a new culture.

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